Experience denim innovation where conscious craftsmanship meets fashion seamlessly. We are redefining denim for a sustainable world.


Interloop Denim: The next generation of denim fabric

Next-Gen Manufacturing

Rooted in sustainability, we harness advanced technology and precision to craft innovative, environmentally conscious products. Embracing Industry 4.0 and low-impact solutions, we enhance efficiency with integrated ERP and digital sampling. Our jeans, designed to last, save up to 70% water.

LEED Platinum Manufacturing

One of the largest LEED Platinum facilities in the world. Our most high-tech, environmentally friendly, and resource efficient plant.

Automated Operations

Offering speed to market on a sustainable industrial scale with digital technology, automation, and data analytics – from precise cutting to laundry 4.0 and automated dosing.

Sustainable Laundry

Extreme low impact jeans through nano-bubble technology, waterless bleaching with ozone, and auto nebulisation, ensuring a consistent 1:3 liquor ratio.

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Accelerating change with Laser focus

We have the largest in-house laser facility in the region with an extensive light sensitive fabrics library.

Working closely with our technology partner, Jeanologia for an authentic jeans look.

Our women led laser team can handle up to 20,000 garments daily, powered by 3D design capabilities.

Our Products

Offering a wide range of denim products from concept to finish, tailored to our customer needs, across all ages and genders. We use the finest raw materials including natural, man-made, and recycled fibres.

Raw Straight Selvedge

Raw selvedge, super authentic jeans with incredible rigidity. Pair it with our utility work wear vest. Both are timeless and adaptable, built to last.

Tufted Frayed Denim

Sewn super authentic, rigid denim in a pair of cropped jacket and skirt with tufted fray.

Button-down Shirt

Hemp blended with linen for a super soft feel. Baggy button-down in mid indigo shade with an intricate laser finish.

PFD Jacket

Children’s wear white PFD jacket with soft hand feel in 100% cotton. Pair it with our high-waist denim distressed skirt with a knot belt.

Distressed Shorts

Mid-rise hot shorts with a faded distressed finish. An authentic look and a soft feel with PCW blended cotton.

Utility Jacket

Oversized fashion jacket with utility pockets combining style and functionality. Made with premium quality denim, its sturdy construction is crafted with attention to detail.

Your Partner in Digital Design

Embracing digital sampling, we champion sustainability through streamlined efficiency and innovative solutions. We are partnering closely with customers, offering research, design, and technical expertise for a collaborative journey.

Design Collaboration

Providing trend analysis and market insights to help our customers in creating focused product collections.

Digital Sampling

Integrated true-to-life digital sampling with intricate fabric detail for seamless design collaboration and enhanced efficiency.

Product Development

With precision engineering, advanced automation, and rigorous quality checks, our bulk production offers manufacturing excellence at scale.

Track your Order

Leveraging our exclusive technology, Looptrace, we provide our customers with transparent raw material insights and product tracking services.

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